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LCHE5QJRJ5Assignment information within a Group Task is now migrated correctly from Microsoft Exchange.
EPRS5CTS3WTask Requests/Todo's are now displayed on the correct form after migration.
JRAN5SX7JEThe iNotes Sync Manager crashes with the following error: "Panic: LookupHandle: handle out of range". This problem has been fixed in...
JLLE5V2C92Fixed password entropy/length calculation logic. Prior to this fix, when a user changed their password and did not conform to the Administrator's...
JCAL5XCM9AThe "Access is Denied" error message, during a Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook (DAMO) installation, was received by Restricted and Standard...
NTER5W58YMAddress Book

Searching a user in a Domino Directory from Microsoft Outlook will result in duplicate entries or entries out of sequence. This...
MQUE5WPR2PError message "Error trying to open document: invalid or nonexistent parent document" is no longer displayed when opening a repeat meeting. The date...
ARON5X8SJ6A user who is not in the "Administrators" group of a given system, can now install Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook.
MSER5W5LNLIn order for Autoprocess to work when the user picks select individuals, the "@domain" will automatically be stripped off of the...
MQUE5W4LAPThe Chair no longer sees the error "This meeting is not in your calendar" as an accepted response from an Invitee on a Reschedule of a Repeating...
ARON5Y4JXJFixed a problem where the body of an attached message became unreadable after replicating to Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook.
SBUR5QPREV"Subscript out of range" when accepting meeting update from Notes for repeat entry created in Microsoft Outlook. This problem has been fixed in...
MSTR5VFMBPFixed a problem where Microsoft Outlook Contacts and Distribution Lists were incorrectly converted from Notes to Outlook. The names appeared in...
EYAI5TASTPThe error "Page cannot be displayed" is no longer shown after trying to open a database link from a mail message.
MSER5WHT3NThis problem was a case where the user did not wait long enough for the Certificate Authority process to deliver the signed certificate to the new...
RDER5WBM9DFixed a prompt to copy the ID to the data directory, even though the ID already exists.
MQUE5W3PV4Fix for migrating international characters in the body of Microsoft Outlook HTML messages. Prior to this fix, reoccurring information might have...
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